The Time Management Hack That Will Increase Your Productivity Instantly.

Effective time management is the key to success in any area of life. If we can manage our time effectively then we will be able to get more done and still have time for family and friends and get to do the things we love.

The time management hac that will increase your productivity

I recently discovered a time management hack that has proved to be so valuable to me. Since implementing it I have been able to get more done and use my time more effectively.

It actually sounds so simple, but it has had powerful effects on my life and countless others’ lives who use this method.

Before I started using this way of managing my time I always believed that I needed big chunks of time in my schedule to get any significant and meaningful work done. So I would put off doing a lot of things because I believed that I just didn’t have the time to do it.

A simple method to increase your productivity

That is until I read I on Facebook someone said she gets so much done by using the little pockets of time throughout the day. I started doing a little research and found that a lot of people make use of this method. How it works is simple: you use the 5 minutes here or the 10 or 15 minutes there(whatever small chunk of time you have) in between bigger tasks that take longer to do throughout the day to do pieces of a big task or other smaller tasks.

So for example say you just had a long meeting at work and then you had a break of about 15 minutes before you had to go and do another long task(a presentation perhaps), so instead of not doing anything constructive in those 10 to 15 minutes you could perhaps start a blog post for your blog or answer an email or two. Or how about you just finished cleaning your house and then you find that you have to go and fetch the kids in about 10 minutes time. Those 10 minutes could be used to start prepping dinner. And so it goes. The idea is that lots of little bits of time used constructively and effectively adds up and can make a huge difference.

I didn’t think that it will make such a huge difference, but it does. Before you know it you have completed a whole blog post, or written a whole book for example! Some stay-at-home moms with little kids claim that they have been able to build successful businesses during their kids’ nap time and by utilizing these in- between little pockets of time that we think are too small to get anything done in.

Getting stuff done in the margins of life

Once you start using this strategy you will find that you become more productive and it will motivate you to do more, because you now know that you can get stuff done! I used to often say that I don’t have time for the big projects on my list, but since breaking up bigger tasks like this I find I am getting way more done.

Another similar strategy that ties in with this one is one whereby you complete small tasks that will take no more than two minutes to complete whenever you can throughout the day. That way you avoid procrastination and actually get stuff done and increase your productivity.

Try this method and tell me what you think. Is it working for you or not?

Brian Tracy also has more tips and strategies on the topic of time management that you might find helpful

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