Free Printable 2020 Christian Calendar and Planner

I love to keep organized by using calendars. It helps me to keep track of my schedule, to-do lists, the kids’ activities, birthdays and so much more!

This free 12 month Christian themed calendar is yours for free! Two designs available now! PLUS get the 1125 page Christian planner set also completely FREE!

Yes, you’ve heard correct, I’m giving this incredible value bundle of products away for FREE. I wasn’t planning to and I actually created them to sell in my shop, but I decided instead to sow them into my reader’s lives.

I enjoyed creating these and they took me a LONG time to create, especially the planner that is 1125 pages in total! So please, make good use of these items. The planner is meant to really help you to stay in God’s word this year – something I’m deeply passionate about.

Click on the photos below to download the product/s of your choice now.

Print it out on standard paper or cardstock and use it to help you keep abreast of what is important to you.

These calendars are meant to encourage and inspire you throughout the year while helping you to keep track of your goals, your schedule or whatever else may be important to you; be it keeping track of your workouts, kids’ schedules, doctors’ appointments, a food log, birthdays or whatever,  the list of possible uses is truly endless.

Free Christian Planner Printable
FREE 2020 Christian Calendar. Grab yours today and get organized and ready to crush your goals in 2020. Features monthly scripture to help keep your eyes on the Word.

How do you make use of calendars? Let us know in the comments!

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