How to Anoint Your House With Oil

Anointing your house with oil is often an overlooked practice, but it can potentially have disturbing consequences if not done. It is simple to do and I personally believe that every believer should try and do it.

My story

When my husband and I first got married we were fortunate to be able to immediately buy our own home. It wasn’t a fancy home, but nonetheless, it was our own home. We had bought it from an elderly widow, who we discovered after the papers were signed and sealed, had had no less than five husbands who all died there. After we moved in we discovered that there was a certain bedroom in the house that we just felt uneasy in, so we avoided it at all costs. We just could not shake the uneasiness that we felt upon entering that particular room. It became more of a storeroom than anything else. Now, this all happened before we got to learn more about spiritual matters.

We just couldn’t explain it. This room was close to the kitchen and sometimes I distinctly felt as if someone was watching me while I was cooking or busy in the kitchen. My domestic worker at the time, who had also worked for the lady who we had bought the house from, told me that she too felt a presence in that particular room whenever she went in there. She told me that the old lady used to sleep in that bedroom and that she would frequently have very terrible nightmares, screaming at night.

We also just seemed like we were “stuck”. We were not making any progress in many areas of life. We argued, I was depressed….I was fearful. It was just not a good experience.

When we started learning more about God and spiritual matters, we realised that we needed to get the house anointed. Boy was there a vast difference after we had the house anointed! Things just started moving for us. We didn’t feel the uneasiness and we started prospering again. The uneasiness was no longer there.

How to anoint your house with oil
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Why we need to anoint our homes with oil

By anointing a house with oil a supernatural hedge of Godly protection is placed in and around the house. Anointing oil is used when blessing a new house or a house that is under spiritual attack. If there are perhaps demonic infestations in a home, then it is highly recommended to anoint the house with anointing oil.

Isaiah 10:27: “It shall come to pass in that day That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck, And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.” (NKJV)

The anointing oil is a symbol of the power of the Holy Spirit and faith in God’s ability to protect, cleanse and keep evil away. It will drive out unwelcome evil spirits. By anointing a home with oil is also a way of consecrating the house to God.

“Take the anointing oil and anoint the tabernacle and everything in it; consecrate it and all its furnishings, and it will be holy. (Exodus 40:9 NIV)

The kinds of oil that can be used

Almost any kind of oil can be used – canola, olive, sesame or other. You can also buy pre-packaged Biblical anointing oils at Christian stores. It becomes anointing oil when you pray over and consecrate it. The following oils have typically been used though in anointing oil blends:

  • Myrth – this oil was one of the ingredients used to anoint priests(Exodus 30:23), it was also given as a gift to Jesus at His birth(Matthew 2:11)
  • Frankincense – it was given to Jesus as a gift at His birth(Matthew 2:11) and it was one of the ingredients that the Lord instructed Moses to use for the incense for the tabernacle(Exodus 30:34).
  • Cassia – Also one of the ingredients used in the oil blend to anoint priests in the old testament(Exodus 30:23)
  • Spikenard – This oil was poured over Jesus from the alabaster jar. It has a very deep meaning.

Praying over the oil

Before the oil can be used you must pray over it in order for it to become anointing oil. A simple prayer will do. Simply ask God to anoint the oil and cleanse it so that it may be used for the work of His glory.

Steps to take to anoint your house:

  1. Remove any items from your home that might have its roots in evil. It can be movies, books, and even ashes of dead people.
  2. Pray aloud in every room that you enter and invite the Holy Spirit into your home.
  3. Rebuke the forces of evil. Speak out loud to them. Command them to get out of your home in the Name of Jesus.
  4. Plead the blood of Jesus over every room and every corner of your home. Also, plead the blood of Jesus over every person living in the home.
  5. Place the oil over every door, windows, vents, fireplaces, air ducts and mirrors as you go along from room to room. Spirits do not need a door to enter, but these are all symbolic of openings.
  6. Before anointing the final door command that every evil spirit leave your home in the Name of Jesus through that final door. Now anoint that door.
  7. Place some oil into a spray bottle and anoint the perimeter of your home. Again rebuke all evil in the Name of Jesus. Plead the blood of Jesus and remind Satan that he cannot cross that bloodline.
  8. Ask God to sanctify and seal your home.


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