How To Make A Christian Vision Board

How to make a vision board and my personal story

Vision boards are just absolutely awesome. Besides being fun to make and interesting to look at, they hold a certain “power”. I first heard of the concept of vision boards or goal books when I was in high school in the 1990’s. I was reading a book and in it the author described what a goal book was. Immediately I went to work and made one for myself. Back then I put mostly images to do with my future studies that I wanted to complete and the career I dreamt of etc. in my goal book. Well it worked, because when I was done with school I didn’t have a cent to pay for my studies, nor did my parents have the money to pay for tertiary studies. I also didn’t get a scholarship. But I believed that I would be able to go and study and so out of the blue, without me having to ask, a relative offered to pay for my studies. I was thus able to graduate debt-free.

Over the course of the next few years my dreams and goals changed and so I adjusted and updated my vision book. I threw the old one away (I still deeply regret this move). This time around I put a picture of two little girls in the book, a house, and a car and quite a few other pictures that resonated with me. Now the car had more to with the fact that I wanted a driver’s licence than actually owning a car at that stage, because boy did I battle with learning to drive! Yeah, I said it. It was mainly because I just didn’t particularly enjoy the whole business of driving. I still don’t particularly enjoy driving today, but thank God I am able to today. The picture of the little girls just ‘spoke’ to me. I didn’t plan on putting it in there. Well, today I know the reason, I too now have two little girls! So you see, sometimes an image will resonate with you and you won’t quite understand, and that’s ok. Just know that on a deeper level it means something to you that you may not yet be aware of on a conscious level.

I would look at my goal book (as I called it) as regularly as I could. It wasn’t every day, but when I did look at it, I thoroughly visualized myself being, having and doing what was in my goal book. ‘Feeling’ the image when you are looking at it and visualizing it is of the utmost importance, because that is when your faith is working at its best. At the time I didn’t even put God in the picture, because I wasn’t saved yet. When I became saved and learned about faith and the things of God, I realized that what the world thought was a new concept, was actually already in the Bible! Yes, the Bible is always light years ahead of mankind. In my mini eBook I discuss this further.

Now, not everything that I have placed in my goal book/vision board have come to pass. Why? Because certain things were out of the will of God for me or they were not what I really, really wanted. In other words, I wasn’t being true to my authentic self when I placed those pictures on my board. That is why it’s important to try and be as clear as possible about what it is that you want and to be true to yourself. Not everybody really wants the big mansion on the hill or the Porche – they think they do, so sometimes people are tempted to place these types of images on their boards, because they think that this is what they should want, when in actual fact what they truly want is a more simplistic life – a cottage at the beach or something. That’s why it’s important to be true to yourself and not to live by the world’s definition of success.

In my mini eBook I outline the exact steps to take to make a vision board that is in line with God’s Word and with who you are.

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