The One Thing That Sets Successful People Apart

Have you ever wondered why some people “make” it in life and others don’t? Well, I’ve decided to do some digging regarding this phenomenon and this is what I have discovered: The one thing that sets successful people apart from the others is often times simply plain old tenacity.

Yes, it is their refusal to quit when things get tough. They have mastered the art of continuing no matter how tough things get. They resist the urge to quit. Some words the dictionary uses to describe what tenacity means are: persistence, determination, perseverance, steadfastness, staying power, etc.

Some people are great starters, but they are not such great finishers. They will get very excited about something at the start of it and at the first sign of difficulty, they will quit.

Don’t quit

Quitting can keep you from achieving your goals. Quitters get excited at the start of a new venture, tell the whole world about it and then quit once the going gets tough. Thus they never see their goals come to fruition.

Get rooted

If you don’t develop the art of tenacity and not giving up then you will never become the person God wants and needs you to be. It’s that simple.

One of the main reasons that people quit half-way is because they lack patience. They want everything fast and easy. At the first sign of just a little discomfort, they turn and go the other way and choose the path of least resistance. In other words, they quit.

You have to settle it once and for all that from this day forward quitting is no longer an option in your life. It starts with a decision – a firm decision that you will not quit and that you will keep on keeping on until the end.

A tenacious person will hold on and not be moved by whatever is going on in their environment, because they are so focused and committed to the end goal. While others flounder, they will keep marching on until they see the victory in sight and until finally, success is theirs.

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Whenever you find someone abounding in the blessings of God, it is clear why – it is because they are strong and established. And if you won’t give up and remain faithful, then get ready to flourish like never before. You will surely be walking in success.